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Dougal Greer

Dougal Greer
Member since: 8/30/2016
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Director/Environmental Scientist
eCoast Marine Consulting and Research
Bio: Dougal Greer has a background in mathematical and computational sciences including physics, statistics and machine learning, and has specialised as a physical oceanographer since 2008. He is a keen sailor, surfer and diver and is passionate about regenerative management of marine resources based in sound scientific evidence.

His recent work includes modelling of ocean plastics; estuarine dynamics; pollutant, larval and nutrient dispersal; sediment transport; hydrodynamics, waves and tsunamis. He has worked in numerous worldwide locations including, The Pacific Islands, Mauritius, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mozambique and has a broad range of experience covering project management, field data collection, data analysis, numerical modelling and technical report writing. He has worked with a wide variety of clients from local community groups and international NGOs through to the UN, and local councils through to multinational companies.

His applied areas of expertise include Environmental Impacts Assessments, extreme value analysis, design criteria, coastal resource management and marine protected areas. He is often called upon to provide technical review and to deliver expert evidence in resource management hearings.