Previous Award Winners

Terry Healy Project Award

2018 - MfE Coastal Hazards and Climate Change: Guidance for Local Government

2017 - Living at the Edge: Transforming Margins. The University of Auckland, Hawkes Bay Regional Council, GNS Science, NIWA, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University, Lincoln University.

Professional Development Award

2019 - Deirdre Hart: Session coordination and attendance at the ICS in Seville plus journal publishing fee, and Josie Crawshaw: Attendance at the CERF 25th Biennial Conference in Mobile, Alabama USA.

2018 - Hilke Giles: Bachelor of Laws and Kate Davies: Trans Tasman collaborations to address cumulative effects. 

2017 - Lucy Underwood: Attendance at United Nations Ocean Conference in New York.

2016 - Peter Quilter: Attendance at UNESCO-IHE short courses in the United Kingdom.

2015 - Shane Orchard: development of Participatory GIS for coastal mapping.

Student Research Scholarship


2019 - Raphael Krier: New approach to define wave transformation on rocky shore platform. University of Otago.

2018 - Dana Clark: Environmental metabarcoding as a novel tool for coastal management. University of Waikato.

2017 - Samuel Thomas: Does size matter in ecosystem functioning? University of Otago.

2016 - Ross Martin: Large scale remote sensing of estuarine seagrass condition. University of Waikato.

2015 - Ben Robertson: Development of a cost-effective trophic state assessment protocol for shallow, temperate, tidal lagoon estuaries. University of Otago.

2014 - Rebecca Gladstone-Gallagher: The role of cross-boundary subsidies of macrophyte detritus in soft sediment ecosystem function. University of Waikato.

2013 - Shawn Harrison: Modelling sediment exchange at ebb-tide deltas. University of Waikato.

2012 - Claire Kain: Characterising paleotsunami: applying new analytical methods to obtain wave direction and flow velocity data from prehistoric tsunami sediments in New Zealand.


2019 - Maddy Glover: Mapping of current and historic extent of Macrocystis pyrifera along southern coastal Otago. University of Otago.

2018 - Prajakta Niphadkar: Sea Level Variability around New Zealand: Observations, Projections and Contributions. University of Auckland. 

2017 - Craig MacDonnell: A new ecological eye in the sky: Characterisation of small scale vegetation distribution and geomorphological evolution of a coastal restoration program using Remotely Piloted Aircraft System for 4-dimentional mapping. University of Otago.

2016 - Hannah Payne-Harker: Ecosystems services based approach to coastal management in New Zealand. University of Otago.

2015 - Hannah Berger: Characterising landscape and sea level dynamics to predict shoreline responses over the next 100+ years in a high-energy coastal setting. University of Canterbury.

2014 - Josie Crawshaw: To what etent does benthic infauna stimulate dentrification in eutrophic sediments? University of Otago.

2013 - Kathryn McLaughlin: Dispersal and storage of Ammophila arearia (marram grass) seed in transgressive dune systems. University of Otago.

2012 - Edwin Ainley: Depositional effects of sediments on the ecological performance of subtidal seaweeds. University of Auckland.

Maori & Pacific Island Research Scholarship

2019 - Will Pinfold: Quantifying an invasive seaweed Undaria pinnatifida using underwater videography. University of Otago.

2018 - Vanessa Taikato: Ahumoana tawhito (ancient aquaculture): archaeological evidence and the science behind traditional translocation methods of a bivalve shellfish. University of Waikato.

Undergraduate Award

2018 - Jason Ng: University of Auckland; Zheng Chen: University of Auckland; Katie Thompson: University of Canterbury; Elliott McCleery: University of Waikato.

2017 - Emma O'Brien: University of Auckland; Matthew House: University of Waikato; Kelsey Handley: University of Canterbury; Emma Woods: Massey University.

NZ Coastal Society 'Coasts and Ports' Student Award

2019 - Danielle Bertram: Geospatial Multi-Criteria Analysis for Site Selection of Wave Energy Farms in New Zealand. University of Waikato.

2017 - Berengere Dejeans: Assessment of the performance of a turbulence closure model: along the tidally influenced Kaipara River to the estuary, NZ