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The New Zealand Coastal Society was formed in 1992 to promote and advance knowledge and understanding of the coastal zone. It provides a forum for those with an interest in the coastal zone to communicate amongst themselves and to the public.

  • Will Aucklanders walk on water?
    21 August 2014
    Imagine an Auckland waterfront dotted with plant covered artificial islands and towers, living artificial reefs of mussels and oysters to take the energy out of storm surges. Coastal wetlands that people can use for recreation, roof gardens and lawns to help soak up heavier downpours.
  • Storm damage at Saint Clair
    15 August 2014
    This erosion is ocurring because one million tonnes of sand that used to exit the Clutha and wash along the shore to Dunedin each year is now trapped behind the Clutha dams. This sand flow acted like a skin that healed the shoreline after each storm. When a storm washed sand away more sand would flow in from the south restoring the beach profile. Sand stopped flowing into the Otago coastal environment in 1950's with the construction of the Roxburgh Dam.
  • Sand dune protection design brief begun
    2 August 2014
    The Dunedin City Council plans to have detailed designs ready soon for a buried backstop wall to protect sand dunes at St Clair beach.