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The New Zealand Coastal Society was formed in 1992 to promote and advance knowledge and understanding of the coastal zone. It provides a forum for those with an interest in the coastal zone to communicate amongst themselves and to the public.

  • East Coast Tsunami Risks Revaluated
    28 October 2014
    Discerning the tsunami risk along the east coast from Kaikoura north has been a bit of a challenge not least as the historical record can only be inferred from this scarred coastline with difficulty, and there has been divergent views especially for events predating the 19 Century.
  • Rising seas: Wellington's watery future
    21 October 2014
    Wellywood looks destined to become Waterworld, and the capital needs to face some tough decisions. The choices include abandoning the CBD and low-lying suburbs such as Lyall Bay and Island Bay to rising seas, or risking a Hurricane Katrina-like flooding disaster behind sea walls.
  • The threat of global sea level rise
    7 October 2014
    Changes taking place in the oceans around Antarctica could result in an abrupt rise in global sea level, according to a Victoria University of Wellington led study.