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Jonathan Clarke

Jonathan Clarke
Member since: 4/03/17
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Tonkin + Taylor Ltd
Principal Coastal Engineer
Bio: Jonathan Clarke is a principal coastal engineer at Tonkin + Taylor. With 15 years’ experience working within the coastal engineering sector in the UK, Jonathan has worked on a large number of coastal defence schemes and studies and built up a wealth of knowledge and a very specific skill set. Jonathan's experience ranges from scheme design and the practicalities of site supervision through to the more academic focused study work and research and development projects. Project experience ranges from site specific design of coastal structures and beach replenishment schemes, to regional assessments of coastal processes and hazard assessments, to national projects and guidance documents.

Jonathan joined T+T in 2016 and has worked on a range of projects throughout New Zealand. These include tender design for a major harbour development and working as a technical advisor for the first regional coastal strategy to be based on the recently released MfE coastal hazard guidelines. Jonathan possesses highly developed technical expertise across the coastal engineering spectrum, underpinned by theoretical knowledge and relevant practical experience.