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Karen Pratt

Karen Pratt
Member since: 10/11/16
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Joint Project lead
Project Reef Life
Joint Project Lead
Bio: Currently one of the Project leads for 'Project Reef Life' - a regionally and nationally recognised project which aims to discover and document the sub-tidal rocky reef communities found in the South Taranaki Bight. Initially focusing on one target reef (approx. 11km offshore of Patea, South Taranaki and depth of approx. 23metres), a number of surveys are conducted throughout the year. We conduct benthic surveys, fishing surveys, acoustic surveys & plankton trawls. We have engineered and built an in-situ camera which remains at the reef taking video day and night. We collaborate with scientists around NZ.
The Project was established with PSP Curious Minds funding. Partners in the Project are: South Taranaki Underwater Club, Hawera High School, Patea Area School, Te Kaahui o Rauru and Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui Trust.