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Jamie Boyle

Jamie Boyle
Member since: 8/04/17
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Coastal Scientist
Thames Coromandel District Council
Bio: Jamie is a Coastal Scientist at Thames-Coromandel District Council with 10+ years of academic research and applied work at local government level. This work has focused on coastal geomorphology, coastal policy work, coastal processes assessments, coastal engineering, and coastal protection works oversight and coastal management. Currently, he is implementing TCDC’s shoreline management plans and draws upon his wealth of knowledge to provide technical guidance and direction on this keystone project. Emerging interests include planning for the impacts of climate change, including dynamic adaptative planning pathways, understanding the role of central and local government in adaptation planning, and what community engagement really looks like in this respect. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geography and a Master of Science degree in Coastal Geomorphology