Guidelines for Contributors

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Guidelines for Contributors

At the link below you can download the "NZCS Guidelines for Contributors". This document contains guidelines for writing for Coastal News and NZCS Special Publications.

NZCS Contributor's Guide


Coastal News

Coastal News is the regular publication of the New Zealand Coastal Society, which is distributed to members (Approximately 300) and at the NZCS annual conference. It is published in March, July and November each year. Articles are of a general/technical interest (not academic) and are generally submitted by NZCS members, though they may also be invited contributions or, occasionally, written by the editor.

Special Issues

Starting in 2014, NZCS has published occasional special issues of Coastal News in a softbound A4 format of around 30 to 40 pages. These publications look at one particular theme or event that is of widespread interest, both to NZCS members and the general public. Articles, while not being academic papers in style, are longer and more in-depth than those found in the newsletter.