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Media Contents:

NZCS Conference 2017
- Keynote Address: Dr Leigh Bull and Manea Sweeny, North Canterbury earthquake – Environmental challenges and opportunities of the coastal reinstatement programme
- How do New Zealand communities currently participate in marine resource management decision making (Sustainable Seas Challenge)
- Understanding Community Participation in Marine Ecosystem Restoration initiatives: The Ongatoro/Maketu Estuary Case (Sustainable Seas Challenge)
- Mauri Moana, Mauri Tangata, Mauri Ora (Sustainable Seas Challenge)
- Tipping points in New Zealand coastal ecosystems (Sustainable Seas Challenge)
- How current legislative frameworks in NZ enable Ecosystem Based Management (Sustainable Seas Challenge)

NZCS Regional Events
- Coastal Engineering Challenges in a Changing World Speaker: Dr. Steven Hughes (Colorado State University) May 2018

- Coastal Hazards and Climate Change: Preparing for Change - Tauranga Regional NZCS Event August 2018