NZCS 2020

NZCS 2020 Conference Update


It is with regret that we advise a decision has been made to defer the NZCS 2020 conference that was to be held on Waiheke Island in November. The good news is that we are working on an alternative event(s) in place of the more ‘traditional’ conference.

The cancellation is very disappointing given the work we have put in lining up venues, keynote speakers and sponsorship. However, there is still uncertainty associated with COVID-19 issues including potential for reduced registrations, less sponsorship, travel restrictions by employers, restrictions on gathering numbers, a second wave of infection and lead time necessary to get deposits back from venue bookings. With this in mind, any conference we choose to run there would most likely have to comply with a ‘new normal’ and we questioned whether we could run a successful conference with social distancing when social interaction is one of our conferences strengths.

An alternative event is being planned that could take the form of:

  1. The Eric Verstappen Young Professionals Breakfast (as a lunch time event this year) in agreed regional locations, hosted by selected mentors/NZCS members. This would be followed by;
  2. An online launch of the NZCS Special Publication 2020 – “Coastal Systems and Sea Level Rise: What to look for in the future”, with selected authors presenting. This would include a suitable welcome from a nominated presenter. This would be followed by;
  3. Regional catch-ups in nominated locations, hosted by NZCS regional representatives/committee members.

The above would be run from lunch time, and conclude with the regional/social events from late afternoon. The local organising committee agreed this duration would most likely work best and ensure engagement from those who may be unavailable should the above be run over a longer period of days.

We plan to return to Waiheke Island for our 2022 NZCS annual event. This will be preceded by the 2021 Australasian Coast & Posts conference in September 2021 in Christchurch that replaces our NZCS annual event every 4th year.