NZCS Awards

NZCS Awards

The New Zealand Coastal Society prides itself in giving out multiple awards each calendar year. These awards are designed to recognise both professional and student achievement and merit in the study or advocacy of issues related to the betterment of New Zealand's coastal resources. The various awards that the NZCS offers are detailed below.

Terry Healy Project Award

Nominations close 5pm 3rd September 2018

The Terry Healy Coastal Project Award acknowledges the achievement of a project which has made a significant contribution to New Zealand's coastal and marine environment.  The award is intended to commend a coastal project for its overall commitment to excellence working within the coastal zone and promoting the New Zealand Coastal Society (NZCS) vision and values:
Sustainable management of New Zealand's coastal and marine environment underpinned by sound science, engineering and policy practice, comprehensive monitoring, involved communities and effective national networks.

The award intends to raise community awareness of the importance of the coastal zone and to encourage coastal planners, engineers and management practitioners to strive for excellence.

Terry Healy Project Award Nomination Form [PDF] [DOC]

Professional Development Award

Applications close 5pm 1st May Annually

The purpose of the New Zealand Coastal Society (NZCS) Professional Development Award (PDA) is to enhance the ability of NZCS members to contribute to the vision of the Society: in short, to improve understanding and/or sustainable management of New Zealand's coastal and marine environment. Successful applicants will receive a contribution of up to NZ$10,000 towards the expenses of pursuing a professional development opportunity that is relevant to the achievement of the New Zealand Coastal Society vision.

Professional Development Award information and application [PDF] [DOC]

Student Research Scholarship

Applications close 5pm 1st May Annually

Current and predicted pressures pose significant challenges for managers and planners seeking to provide sustainable futures for coastal environments and communities. The New Zealand Coastal Society (NZCS) was created as a means to promote and advance knowledge and understanding of the coastal zone. This includes fostering coastal research and capacity building.

The society offers two scholarships annually to students conducting research that has the potential to contribute towards the aims of the society: NZ$5000 to support PHD research, and NZ$2500 to support Masters research. Applications close 5pm on 1st May each year and announcement of the successful recipient within a month of the closing date. The recipients will also be invited to the annual conference dinner - they will receive a free conference registration and dinner ticket to be present at this occasion.

Student Research Scholarship application form [PDF] [DOC]

Undergraduate Award

Nominations close 5pm 15th November Annually

The NZCS provide an award to encourage students at undergraduate level studying within a New Zealand Tertiary Institution. If you are a student and you think your paper meets the guidelines, please encourage your lecturer to take up this opportunity. Each University offering coastal-themed papers at the 3rd year level may apply to the society to award one such excellence award. Teaching staff of the relevant papers must collectively nominate one student within each university to recommend to the society for the award by 15 November every year. The student must demonstrate academic excellence as well as a passion for the coast and be studying coastal science, planning, engineering, ecology or management. The Excellence Award is valued at $100. Lecturers or supervisors only need to email the NZCS with their identified nominee to be eligible for this award. Email your nomination to

NZ Coastal Society 'Coasts and Ports' Student Award

The New Zealand Coastal Society provides support to students to attend the Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference. This is the premier Australasian conference covering Coastal Processes, Port and Maritime Engineering, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Port and Coastal Planning, Policy and Management and is held biennially in odd-numbered years (i.e. 2017, 2019, 2021). The conference is usually held in Australia but comes to New Zealand every third time. The next Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference will be held in Hobart, Tasmania from 10-13 September 2013.

The award will cover conference registration, attendance at the conference dinner and $1000 towards travel and accommodation. The award winner will be judged on the quality of the accepted abstract and alignment with the goals of the New Zealand Coastal Society. To be eligible the abstract must be accepted for presentation at the Australasian Coasts and Ports conference. The lead author must be an undergraduate, masters or PhD student at a recognised Tertiary institution based in New Zealand and a student member of the NZ Coastal Society at the time of submission.