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The New Zealand Coastal Society, being a Technical Interest Group of The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) has the following categories of membership as applicable from 1 October 2012. Note if you are a member of another IPENZ group, you will only need to pay the IPENZ administration fee once.

All members are entitled to receive information, copies of the NZCS newsletter - Coastal News, participate in conferences and seminars at preferential rates, and participate in annual, general or special meetings, workshops, etc.

The benefits and details of each membership category are provided as follows.

Corporate Member

This category of membership is to enable organisations and companies to become part of the New Zealand Coastal Society and support the Society's mission of taking a leading role in facilitating a vibrant, healthy and sustainable coastal and ocean environment. It enables organisations to show their support for the aims and activities of the society and achieve public recognition of that support.

Cost: $500 per annum (+ GST and IPENZ service centre fee of $45)


Individual Member

This category of membership is for individuals, who either work or have an interest in the coast, to be part of the New Zealand Coastal Society.

Cost: $85 per annum (+ GST and IPENZ service centre fee of $45)


Student Member

This category of membership is for any individual undergoing full-time study in an area or discipline that has relevance to the coastal environment. Free membership is made to students to encourage participation in all areas of activity. The Society subsidises student membership as a means of furthering interest in the coast. It is hoped that student members will become individual members upon completion of their study and maintain an interest in the coast.

Cost: Nil (provided member is in full-time tertiary study)

Student Members will be required to apply for membership every 18 months. They must have a tertiary staff lecturer or tutor provide proof of full-time tertiary study to verify eligibility for membership. If no longer a student, you will have the option of transferring your registration to a full member and be invoiced by IPENZ annually.

Note: Student Members do not have voting rights.


Life Member

This category of membership is for individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to the Society and/or knowledge and understanding in the coastal zone. Life Members are elected at the discretion of the Management Committee rather than through subscription. A person so elected has full membership rights of the Society but is not required to pay any membership subscription.

Cost: Nil